Our Loving pet Rower    
You were our shining star
Bringing light and peace
The warmth and affection
No human being can fathom
What you have been to us.
  In moments of utter despondency
You were the perfect companion
And, None can Comprehend the
depth of your heart felt love.
Your eyes ewrw innocent as the dove's
Your faithfulness knew no bounds
Your were the solace of comfort.
In times of melancholy moments.
  You never grumbled or howled.
Always, Patiently waiting for time
But we have never left you alone
Even when crossing the boarders of our ocean.
For us you were just a pet
But for you we were everything
Even when in moments of prayer & Worship
You were close to us to give us faith.
  We loved you with a deep sense of love
Which words are inadequate to express
We pray and hope that you will know
The depth of our love we did possess.
The light of an innocent love
Left us when you said "good bye"
It breaks our hearts to know
That you no longer exists for us.
  Time may heal our broken hearts.
But your image will never decrease
With love and gratitude we earnestly pray
That you attain the heights of eternity.
May God be with you in the
World that we are unable to reach.
May you rest in peace
And rise in glory as a human being.
  May the God of love embrace you.
Keeping you in his loving arms
May your soul find the peace & tranquility
Which only the God above can give.
Ravi and Damayanthi Wadugodapitiya    
Loving Pet
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